The Sweet Benefits of Sugar on your Skin

Yes, we are talking about sugar, your go to sweetener as a natural exfoliate and moisturizer!

Organic & Fair Trade sugar has so many versatile wonders on your skin! You can apply it to your daily beauty routine in so many ways, mix it with water or any carrier oil of your choice and your options are endless. Be creative, add some essential oils for a relaxing scrub or use it to enhance your facial cleanser to exfoliate all the dead skin right off!

Salt scrubs can be tough on the skin and strip away natural oils, although both are beneficial sugar is much more gentle on the skin! Sugar also helps retain moisture, allowing flawless, glowing & touchable skin. A sweet touch of sugar is naturally made up of glycolic acid which is helpful for treating aging or sun-damaged skin. For more sensitive skin use brown sugar because the granules are not as rough and they will gently exfoliate your skin, defiantly recommended for the face.

Overall, incorporating sugar in your daily beauty routine will only give the naturally sweet results of clear, younger and glowing skin!

Leave us some of your DIY sugar scrub recipes below! 

Minimal Essentials

by Minimal Essentials

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