The 7 Versatile Wonders of your Local Health Store!

Make sure to add these items to your list on your next visit to the store. Overtime, I have learned different natural remedies for little things for myself or around the house! I have compiled a list of my staple and most useful natural alternatives. Not only have I found that these work better commercial products but, their multipurpose function save you a lot of money!

Raw Honey
When buying honey be sure you’re buying RAW honey! Raw honey has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in anyway, meaning it has all it’s beneficial nutrients. A lot of these nutrients are lost during the heating or pasteurizing process. Plus, it taste great!!

The many uses:
Antibacterial Ointment
Anti- fungal
Natural sweetener
Stabilizes blood pressure
Overnight acne remedy
Allergy treatment
Mix with cocoa powder and you have a sweet anti-aging mask!

Coconut Oil
Is just plain awesome! You can use it for anything and it is so affective. Coconut Oil come in many different ways now but make sure to look out for organic, unrefined, extra virgin and cold pressed. You get the most health benefits if you get your oil as raw as possible!

The endless uses:
Stimulates hair growth
Treatment for yeast infections
Treatment for parasites in puppies
Natural deodorizer
Heals cavities
Helps with weight loss
Aids digestion
Use as mouthwash
Use as a hair de-frizzer
Full body moisturizer
Face wash
I have even used Coconut Oil to clean my wood floors and do my laundry!

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is great for you inside and out, you can buy it in many forms (capsules, suppositories & oil). I prefer getting a bottle of Vitamin E oil and use it for everyday needs! Always read the label and make sure you are getting 100% Vitamin E oil. Also if you see the word tocopherol, don’t freight it is just another word for Vitamin E!

Use it to moisturize, anywhere and everywhere!
When its cold out, I use it as a face moisturizer to avoid flakey skin.
Scalp moisturizer
Hair growth stimulator
Lowers cholesterol
Treats sunburn

Bentonite Clay
Is fabulous and will leave you feeling fabulous in so many ways! It is wonderful to detox because of it’s negative ionic charge, it literally pulls the impurities out of you! Although it states clay, it comes in powder form and you mix it with water to produce the clay.

Hair detox
Mix with ACV or water and you have a powerful face mask.
Treatment for vomiting and diarrhea
Skin healing

Baking Soda
Your everyday baking soda works wonders for you and your household! When it comes to baking soda, I am not too picky for my personal use I usually buy pure and natural brands but for around the house dollar store brand works just fine.

Cleaning grub from the sink and tub, works great. Just wet the tub and skin and scrub the Baking Soda in circular motion.
Drain opener, pour Baking Soda down the drain and follow it with vinegar.
Helps with cat litter stink.
Clarifies your hair. Use alone or mix with your shampoo and it will help remove buildup.

Tea Tree Oil
Out of all the essential oils out there, Tea Tree has been there for me the most! It is a powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and it works so effectively! When buying essential oil be sure that they are 100% pure essential oils.

Overnight acne treatment
Itch relief
Aroma therapy benefits, helps you focus!
Natural flea repellent (dogs ONLY! DO NOT USE ON CATS!)
Muscle relaxer

Apple Cider Vinegar
It took me a while to include ACV in my everyday routine but now it is a must have in my household. Make sure you get 100% apple cider vinegar, I use the brand Braggs. Don’t let the smell hold you back, it doesn’t stick at all! If you are hesitant still, dilute it with water and add your favorite essential oil!

Take 1-2 tbsp before you eat with 1 cup of water, it will help with weightloss and digestion
Use as a hair rinse to remove buildup and add shine. Mix 1 part ACV and 2 parts water.
Soothe sunburns
Teeth stain remover
Natural after shave
Natural flea repellant

Everyday I am learning something new, I know there is more uses for these 7 wonderfully versatile items, please comment below to add to the list!

Medical Disclaimer
No information on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. These are home remedies and the information given on this website is referenced by it’s natural healing properties! If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If any allergies or reaction were to arise stop use immediately and contact your physician. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns!

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