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Supporting small businesses and shopping local can give you more than just the shirt or handcrafted shelf that you bought. By purchasing handcrafted or locally developed products you are boosting your hometown’s economy and creating stable jobs for your local community. Make a small difference by supporting your local community on Small Biz Saturday! Every second Saturday of the month we encourage you to purchase at least one product from a local vendor or small locally owned business. Did you know that for every $100 dollars spent on local business, an average of $68 stays in the local economy? And that 60-80% of all new jobs created in the past decade were by one of your local small business?

Not only is boosting the economy a great plus but not to mention, the quality and care from your local business vendor is like no other. As a small business, Minimal Essentials has a passion for creating the perfect bath & body care made just for you but what we really want is your health on top. By educating and speaking the truth about what major corporations are not telling you about the harmful chemicals used. Minimal Essentials focuses on making organic, handmade and healthy for you products.

Minimal Essentials is currently based in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida! You would be surprised how many local businesses and online stores are in your Tallahassee area check out, to learn more about supporting your local economy and find local vendors.

Tell us about your favorite Small Biz Saturday find below!  

Minimal Essentials

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