Relax, it’s Stress Awareness Month!

April is Stress Awareness Month!  Take time to reflect this month about how much stress you put yourself through and learn new ways to manage your stress! Stress can be a great motivator and your bodies worst nightmare if it is consistent. Take time to relax and release your stress in different outlets. Stress can decline your overall physical health, mental health and weaken your immune system. There are so many ways you can manage your stress, feel energized and look forward to the day ahead of you!

Here are some helpful tips:

• Talk a walk when your frustrated. Just ten minutes of walking is proven to put you in a better mood!
• Exercise Frequently.
• Eat as healthy as you can.
• Try a fresh juice! The vitamins and minerals will have your day turned around in no time!
• Inhale your favorite essential oil like peppermint or lavender! The aromatherapy properties will help you focus and reduce stress!
• Call an old friend and just catch up!
• Take a bubble bath.
• Try meditation!
• Try non-toxic beauty and bath products! The chemical used in mainstream products can cause irritations and disrupt hormones.
• Consider a pet. Having the companionship of an animal could reduce levels of stress. Of course, this is a big commitment and it could cause the   opposite effect!
• Being intimate, whether solo or with your partner, will reduce stress!

In honor of Stress Awareness Month, Minimal Essentials has reduced the price of the No-Stress Bar!  Enjoy!

What are some other ways you reduce your stress? Comment below!

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