Natural Dog Ear Cleaner Recipe

Don’t spend a fortune at the vet or rely on toxic products for your pups hygiene, when you can make your own healthy and natural products at home!

What you need
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 cup Distilled Water
5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil


Fill your desired container, preferably a spray bottle with the three ingredients listed above. Shake before each use.

How to use

Spray in your dogs ear and rub ears gently. With a cotton ball or a gauze pad gently clean off solution. The olive oil gently sticks to your pets skin and makes swiping off dirt easy while, the tea tree oils naturally disinfects and works as an anti fungal!

Be sure to follow proportion carefully because tea tree oil is very concentrated and could irritate your pets skin if it is too strong!

Let us know how your pet liked it below!

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