Coffee Grounds. Trash or Treasure?

You would not believe the benefits that can come from your used and ready to dump coffee grounds! So we are on the same page, we are talking about organic and fair trade used coffee grounds. The benefits are endless and save you money. Follow these great tips for flawless skin, a chemical free home and a fat wallet!

You want to exfoliate and have a healthy morning glow? Mix in some coffee grounds with your face wash and scrub as usual not only will you exfoliate but you will also help defeat those pesky dark circles under your eyes. Caffeine is actually a natural remedy for those tired under eye circles. Go figure!

Scrub your hands with coffee grounds to remove dead skin and also remove strong odors like fish and garlic! Don’t stop at your face and hands, use freely to help eliminate cellulite and transform to glowing, energized skin!

Deodorize your fridge by keeping a bowl of coffee grounds in it.

Starting a garden? Fortify your plants with coffee ground mixed in your potting soil.

Use coffee grounds to help scrub your dishes to remove grease and food stuck on pots and pans!

Who knew that there was so many possibilities with your use coffee grounds? We vote that coffee grounds are a treasure! Tell us what other uses you have for coffee grounds below.

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