An Easy Start to a Chemical Free Home!

This is a fun household tip I have come across in my transition to becoming a chemical free home! When I make teas or coffee, I always have a bunch of boiling hot water left over in my teapot that I have found varies of uses for. I know this is extremely random but a lot of this tips will keep you from buying a lot of chemicals to clean. Not only will you be cleaning naturally but the stem will be disinfecting simutaniously for a squeaky clean and healthy home.


Clean your Stove Top! Pour the hot water right on your stove top. It will literally melt off all the sticky gunk that we all have going on every once in a while, let it sit for a minute and wipe clean with a cloth or rag.

Clean counters. Either pour directly on or soak a rag in the hot water. It will clean, disinfect, and pick up dust!

A natural drain opener! Literally pour the boiling hot water down your pesky clogged drain to help open it up. This really helps maintain your drain by allowing the buildup to melt down and flow through. If you have a really bad drain problem refer to this post and see if vinegar and baking soda can help!

A natural air freshener.  If you add any extras to your tea like oranges, lemon or cinnamon add the peels to a bowl and a dash of cinnamon with some hot water to naturally purify your air!

We hope you enjoy, please add any more tips below!

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